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5 Reasons Why Blogging is the Best Industry Ever


Unless you’re living in a cave or somewhere else, you probably have noticed the growth of blogging over the past few years. In fact, whats amazing is that blogging continues to grow despite the fact that people are starting to realize blogging isnt really a get-rich quick scheme. With that in mind, people realized maybe making money from blogging isn’t for everyone.  Especially with recession last year, a lot of advertising money have pulled off the internet and a lot of people expected blogging to show some decline.

Long story short, blogging hasn’t decline. It has grown so much that the industry is so big now w/c leads me to a realization that people are starting to realize blogging is more than just a platform to make money. With that in mind I have compiled here some interesting reasons why blogging has experienced so much growth over the last couple of years. And why blogging is the best industry ever.

1. Bloggers Are Friendly in Nature

Since I started, it still continually amazes me how bloggers are naturally very friendly with other bloggers. Unlike in other industry, bloggers treat other bloggers as peers even though they are competing with each other.

I’ve had a couple of experience wherein I was able to really form friendship with other bloggers just for how we were helping each other. As I said, I don’t think there’s any place where people are as friendly as bloggers.

2. Blogging Builds Your Online Portfolio

Believe me or not but when you apply for a job, the company would likely always do a Google search for your complete name. And by having a blog, you’re already building your credibility and reputation. The search results from search engines reflect who you really are so make sure you work on it. After all isn’t amazing to see yourself on Google for all the positive reputations?

3. Blogging Helps You Spread your Expertise

My very first blog was a basketball blog and ever since I was a kid, I always thought that I make good basketball analysis. That being said, creating that blog helped me expressed my thoughts and criticisms but at the same time it really leveraged my expertise on that field which helped a lot.

You see other people who gained the “Guru” status simply for having an established blog and I’m sure that has way more benefits than just making money from advertising.

4. Because of Blogging, You Learn A LOT of things

When I was just getting started, I was thinking that blogging is all about writing blog posts (Im sure you think of that as well initially) and I was surprised that I need to learn a lot of things to push this through. Because of that I’ve learned some server administration skills, php and css coding and almost all technical stuffs that one needs in running a website or blog.

I guess you never thought of that as well when youre just getting started right? 😉

5. Blogging Simply Puts You in Business

Ok, blogging itself is not a business but its an integral part in running an online business. Its probably the best communication channel that you could use in leveraging whatever you have. A blog is also a very powerful marketing weapon that you could really use to strive for more. And speaking of marketing, who thought we’re going into that function as well?  That was all brought because we’re blogging.

There ya go! Im sure I still missed a lot of things here but my main point in writing this post is that blogging is so diverse. It’s arguably the best industry to be in and I think I enjoyed doing it so much that I would still continue doing it even without any compensation. But of course that last statement is arguable. 😉


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