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Time for Blogging to meet Design in a Business mode

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This is my first design list of articles in the blogging and design niches, I love to travel in the design world from time to another, I believe in the importance of design in our lives as part of almost everything.

I am going to mention some articles I had the chance to read last week, some of these articles was submitted to our new design news site DesignGizer.com, and the rest of articles is picked by my favorite design blogs. I find it a good chance to prepare a meeting between blogging and design in a business mode. I think that bloggers who writes in the Making Money Online and business niches should learn from designers, and those who runs a design blogs should learn from other bloggers.

One thing I must mention before I proceed, I am impressed with bloggers in the design niche because they are really active, and I am really in love with what they do on their blogs, starting from the blog design, and how they arrange their content in a fancy way, a lot of design blogs cares about usability as part of design, they are able to attract huge traffic in very short period of time compared with blogging in the money making, business, marketing, search engine optimization and the blogging niche it self, so why we don’t visit more design related blogs more often? and why not learn from them?!

We really need to make something different!

But, one thing is quite often missing in design blogs, which is lack of search engines optimization, and very long and endless lists, then after I think about it, I changed my mind about the long lists, and now I think that design lists is some times a must, especially when it’s about inspiration, this post could go really long, but still not convinced 100% that designers are able to realize and optimize their content for search engines, and this is what I will try to do by featuring member’s articles from our DesignGizer bookmark site, and I will use their blogs and sites logos as images on my post to show some branding love.

1- Up & Coming Design Blog’s To Follow

I like the up and coming lists more than the popular list of blogs for example, I mean why not spotting new blogs? while we have to repeat all the time the same lits everywhere?

Nenuno.co.uk has a great list of design related blogs,one good thing about this list I meet some nice designers through it, and also FB blog is mentioned on that post as a design blog, probably not everyone visit FB will think it’s a design blog, but actually we are having an active design category with a few design tips that helps our readers to enhance their blog designs.

If you are looking for some good design related blogs to follow, then you must visit Daniel’s blog, he made a nice list for those who are interested in design and blogging, showcasing creative resources, inspiration, tutorials and of course some nice giveaways!

2 – The Secret Of Successful Company Blogging

Very interesting read about corporate blogs from boagworld.com, why should companies have blogs? and why corporate blogs fail? This article provides solutions, and show you how simple it is to run a successful corporate blog, and it has a very good lessons for the individual or multi-authors blogs as well, it’s a must read!

3 – Why your Designing Business Needs a Blog?

DZINEPress.com answered this question, they focused this article about business aspect of a design blog and how we actually can use it to promote our services and products, some nice and useful thoughts I want to share with you.

4 – User & Community News Submitter Tool

A topic that interests so many bloggers, an amazing tool for designers to submit their articles to over 40 community news sites from one page, BoxModelJunkie.com is developing the article submitter tool, I mus say it save time indeed, and makes the work much more easier, I have just submitted one article to give it a try, and it seem working fine for me, try the News Submitter Tool.

5 – It Happened: I Nearly BROKE a Client’s Hand!

Some fun with Andrew at andrewkelsall.com, when he reached over to shake his client’s hand, and he heard and felt every finger of his give a mighty CRACK, followed by a loud “Ouch!”. Well, it’s really funny as I imagine it, read how Andrew was about to break the client’s hand, and maybe you have something funny to share!

6 – 10 Simple Usability Tips for E-Commerce Sites

Some of our reader will find this article interesting, even if you don’t own an E-Commerce site, it’s still useful to read and learn how others think of usability of their sites, I am sure that you can find and apply some usability tips that could help those who run mini sites, affiliate site or even blogs. Usability is very important for business websites, with little small changes you can dramatically increase your sales. I like to learn how others manage their enhance and develop their web sites. Find usability tips for E-Commerce sites.

7 – How to Brand your Business on a Small Budget?

Nothing defines a product better than a brand!

So true! This article talks about some ways branding can be utilized by small businesses, it’s perfect for those who are on a limited budget (like the most of us), as we are looking all the time for working, simple techniques, cost effective and easy to implement ways. We all need to grow our businesses, and one thing that I personally practicing is advertising to promote my sites, advertizing can get things started for small businesses and spread the word about your products more faster than anything else, and maybe one advertisement on the write spot can take you to another level. We really need to think about that and stop the fear of spending money if it’s going to the right place.

8 – Joomla, Drupal, WordPress..? Selecting the Right Content Management Platform

I think we really don’t have to use only one CMS (Content Management System) platform, WordPress is great, but why not discover some other CMSs platforms that you can use in your business, build a community, or any e-Store?

Here is some information about Joomla, Drupal and of course WordPress, all three are my favorites, and I have done projects using these platforms, they are different than each other, each has it’s own community and great support, but how do you know which CMS is the best platform for your website if you didn’t try any?!

Now.. More Social Power for Designers

Here is my new Social Bookmarking Site for designers, I hope we can deliver more social power for designers through our network, Visit DesignGizer.com if you are seeking promotion, we will do more of these awesome design list posts in the future, and probably you will get featured if you submit your design related articles! Follow us on Twitter @DesignGizer

Blogging, Design and Business!

OK, I will just stop at this point, letting you read and think about what I have said today about Blogging, Design and Business! then I would like to hear your thoughts, what’s missing on this blog? what’s missing on yours?

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