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How Blogging Has Changed the World

blogging change the world

Blogging is such a popular phenomenon these days. There are millions of bloggers out there and the number of blogs is increasing everyday. Some people do it because they love blogging and they make it one of their hobbies, so they are just blogging for fun, while others do it for the sake of making money from the internet to increase their living income.

No matter why you are blogging, blogging has changed the world, and here is why…

A Job for Everyone

Blogging has made it possible for everyone to have a job.

I believe that everyone has now the opportunity to get a job. Generally it’s possible to make a nice income through blogging.

If you know something or have an expertise in it then by building a blog you can show that off, and make money. Of course it takes time to establish yourself but once you have established yourself.

And I don’t necessarily mean making money through your blog. No you can also simply establish yourself as an expert by blogging about what you love. Maybe you love to blog about perfume or gardening. Well then if there is someone searching for tips on these topics and they come to your blog they will think of you as an expert.

Also keep in mind that many people who have been blogging for a while have been given the opportunity of writing books. For example Avinash Kaushnik has been blogging for several years about web analytics. After about six months he got a call from Wiley and they offered him a chance to turn the blog into a book. He took the chance and is now an established author.

Without having a blog Avinash might have never had the chance to write the book.

No Resume Anymore

The way it used to be was that if you applied for a job you had to present your resume. In the resume there would be all kinds of information. But this information only gives the interviewer an opportunity to say “Well you don’t have these qualification so you wouldn’t fit in”, as Seth Godin has perfectly illustrated in his book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?. It simply gives the interview an opportunity to say no.

Everyone writes a resume themselves. That’s why applying to a job is basically about being best at making your resume fit to the job description and the company you apply to. You need to make yourself look like you are best suited to do the job.

A blog on the other hand is much more than a resume. It showcases your expertise, it’s a proof of your expertise. It shows how you treat other, and also how you behave. It’s much more powerful than a resume. That’s how blogging has changed the world.

If you create a successful blog than you will have a job soon or later.

Hope for the Young

Young people used to have difficulties to get jobs. People didn’t believe in them because they didn’t seem to have the experience older people had. That’s why it was hard to achieve the status of an expert while still being very young.

Blogging has completely changed this. A blog gives you a way of showing your knowledge and of sharing with other people. I can’t believe how many young people are out there blogging just because it’s such a great way to get noticed. To get people to believe in you. To show off your expertise.

I think it has been a real problem that young people weren’t able to show off their knowledge. No one believes you if you, as an 18 year old, say that you have an expertise in SEO. No one would have believed you.

Blogging makes this possible though. There are kids out there that are making more money per month than their older counterparts.

Michael Dunlop is one of the people that have shown that it’s possible to be young but still earn a great amount of money. He is only 21 and is already earning a full income. Rob Rammuny is another blogger who has shown that it’s possible to make money while still being young.

Blogging has been the opportunity to show that young people should be taken seriously. That they can indeed have an expertise.

Do you believe that blogging has changed the world? Why has blogging changed the world? Did we miss something?

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