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Your Blogging Business Review

Your Blogging Business
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You know, I get contacted almost every day by people who want me to review their products, services, themes, plugins, and books. I must say that I can not respond to every request, so I carefully pick what I think is a winning horse.

Your Blogging Business eBook that I am reviewing today is an excellent and very handy resource for bloggers and online business owners who want to safely file their Income Tax report.

How I Did My Income Tax Report Last Year

If you know me, then you know that I’ve moved to the States a couple of years ago. So, I’ve filed only one Income Tax report so far which was for 2010.

And, what I did was head to one of the H&R Block offices near to where I live, and I got them to do my Taxes for me. And, just FYI, I paid a total of $350 to get their assistance, which is a lot of money considering that I haven’t earned a single dollar that year!

But anyway, it’s OK, I had no experience with IRS Laws that time, even being an accountant couldn’t help me to understand the full picture.

How I will do it this Year

The H&R Block office called me a couple of weeks ago reminding me to visit them this year to start doing my Taxes for 2011. Things were complicated for me last year, but now I have more confidence that I can do my stuff on my own. So, I went ahead and bought the do it at home package, and I am going to play with it in the next few days.

However, last year I made quite good numbers, most of my income came from my design business and affiliate marketing.

By the way you can check a few of my income reports that I published before on the blog.

[box type=”info”]PayPal sent me a 1099-K of $56,990 gross amount of merchant card/third party network payments, and of course that’s not all, I had a few other 1099-K forms sent by some affiliate networks and one by Google AdSense, but PayPal is my biggest number.[/box]

This means I have some nice work to do this year to file my income Tax report!

Your Blogging Business

I got lucky when I was contacted by Nikki Hughes the author of “Your Blogging Business“, which is basically deal with Tax!  She sent me a copy of the eBook.

I was like Wow! I felt this eBook was written especially for me. Thanks Nikki 🙂

Nikki is a Tax accountant and bookkeeper who turned into one of us 🙂 She has excellent writing skills in addition to being a comedian at heart. You are going to love and enjoy every section of her eBook.

Your Blogging Business: Tax Talk & Tips eBook is Nikkie’s first book, and I can easily say it’s a well written resource, easy to understand, absolutely no complicated stuff.

This is 87 pages of worthy information in 5 main sections that takes you through the preparing and filing process, simplified to help you understand the whole thing. Sections of the eBook are:

  1. The tax side of things
  2. The bookkeeping side of things
  3. The tax-prep side of things
  4. Behind the scenes
  5. Resources and Examples

Of course I won’t be sharing what’s in the eBook, but I can assure you it has all you need to know about filing your Tax income.

I highly recommend Nikki’s eBook to every blogger and online business owner. I hardly ever give a 5 star rating for any product, simply because nothing is perfect, but I appreciate the effort and time spent to make this eBook available for us bloggers and internet marketers.

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