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Today, I am going to share another amazing business resource, it’s a new ebook called The SugarTone ebook. This ebook was generated from the entries of SugarTone Blogging Competition, so basically the content of the ebook was published during the competition, but the good guys at BloggerTone and BizSugar made it available in PDF format, much more joy to read, oh! And also there is a Kindle friendly version as well.

I really love the idea of creating an ebook from a blogging competition entries, I wish we could do that with our recent blogging contest to have a complete guide on blog comments as an ebook, well.. We still can do it but I am lazy to ask all participants for permission, so maybe if you push me I will do it 🙂

But this for sure will be one option that we will consider from the beginning in case we organize another blogging contest in the future, so maybe we can edit entries and put together an awesome ebook like this one I am introducing to you today.

The SugarTone ebook is a very interesting read, it has tons of amazing tips on how to:

I must say this book will switch your power ON like it did to me!

This amazing resource is completely free, you just need to subscribe to receive it by email, get your copy of The SugarTone ebook now, and let me know what you think about it.

Are we organizing another contest?

I am still thinking about it as it’s really hard work, I think I can’t go the easy way, I prefer the more complicated stuff when I do a contest 🙂 Also I am not sure if we can collect good amount of prizes as you know we go only with Cash Prizes provided by our sponsors. Our sponsorship will start from $100 this time, we need to get more than $3500 cash prizes for our bloggers to award them well, if we can not raise this amount then I don’t think we will do it because it takes a lot of work and time to organize a contest, so it should worth for everyone.

I already have some awesome sponsors in my list, they’ve contacted me asking if we (ComLuv.com and FamousBloggers.net) are going to crash the internet soon with another big blogging contest, so if you like what we do, and you would like to support us, contact me now and let me know that you are welling to sponsor our coming contest, it’s going to be a good one, and it’s cool to put your name among our awesome list of sponsors, I’m sure you are going to love it.

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