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What Blog Platform Should I Choose?

Choosing the right blog platform can be some thing of a challenge especially if you are a new blogger, they are a few blog platforms around two of the most popular ones are WordPress and Blogger but there some other popular ones like jamola, Moveable Type, Blogengine.net and others the most popular one is WordPress without a doubt.

Lets start with WordPress, this is the bloggers favorite platform there a lots of ready made templates around and not to mention plugins it is built on php framework has some good SEO features easy installation and used by some top names like Ebay and B5media. One real characteristic of wordpress is the flexibility to customize enabling your blog to have the look and feel you wanted.

Blogger in my view is another blogging platform that is very popular widely used but from my own experience is second to WordPress the problem for me is that i can not understand the code behind not even to create a template i used both blogging platforms find Blogger much more complicated to used however if you are about to start a new blog my advice to you is to do some research read the reviews before making the decision as to which blogging platform to use there is no such thing as a perfect blogging platform find the one that you are much at ease with sometimes you have to give up what you want for what is best for you.

After trying WordPress self hosted and a free blogger account I decided to shift to Blogengine.net an asp.net platform written in c+ , my reason for this is because I am familiar with writing HTML and CSS without the needs for any HTML editor and also experience in writing asp codes this makes it easier for me and like Word press Blogengine.net has lots of ready made extensions that are easily integrated and makes life much easier.When choosing a blogging platform you have to decide what is best for you my advice is to choose the the one that best suits your specific needs.

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