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Affiliate Marketing Blog Contest Update

Affiliate Marketing Blog Contest

Last October was a very busy month for the most of us! Not sure you know about this, but we’ve extended our Blog Contest to the end of November 2011 to give a better chance for participants to submit their entries and participate in the contest, also there is big changes in the contest rules, so please read below!

This contest meant to share the best selling affiliate products in the market, but as you see, not every one has the know how of promoting products online, not everyone in our network are actually making money from affiliate marketing, so it seems to be hard job! This is why we are responding to our community by changing the contest rules to make things more easier!

Basically the changes are in the topics!

To make thins more easier for you, we’ve expanded the topic to include general affiliate marketing tips for bloggers and new internet marketers!

Affiliate marketing is a quite wide topic, so you don’t have to write a particular review for a product, if you prefer to share general affiliate marketing tips, then you are welcome to do so!

Here are some ideas for topics that you could write about…

Topic ideas:

You see, affiliate marketing is a quite open topic!

Your Cash Prize is waiting for you!

Yes! We have $2000 of cash prizes that is waiting for you to just grab it!

  1. First place : $1000
  2. Second place : $500
  3. Third place : $250
  4. Fourth place : $150
  5. Fifth place : $100

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If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments, and I will get back to you with a reply.

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