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How to add more URLs to your CommentLuv plugin account?

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Very good news from CommentLuv plugin today, now you are able to add more URLs to your account and enjoy CommentLuv more than ever. Because each new URL added requires more space for caching and more bandwidth for processing, parsing and sending 10x more posts, Andy is charging 3 credits per each new URL you add to your account, you will be able to buy credits at a rate of 1USD per credit and you can use them to buy more than just extra URLs.

There will be premium themes that you can use your credits to activate if you don’t want to upgrade all the way to a supporter (5USD per month) and a selection of premium plugins that are coming soon to rock your ComLuv blog.

What about the Affiliate System?

The credits system is fully integrated into the affiliate system so if you refer someone to ComLuv and they buy credits, you’ll be rewarded with a 20% commission and once someone is your referral, you’ll get paid every time that user purchases credits or upgrades to supporter!

So, it’s going to be easier and simple to earn more money from ComLuv affiliate program, all what you have to do is to write about CommentLuv, post your affiliate link into your posts and refer other to create a blog on ComLuv and buy credits and so on!

ComLuv Affiliate Program

Is CommentLuv plugin works with WordPress 2.9?

Yes it’s working, and Andy has just updated the WordPress version of CommentLuv to address a minor issue with WordPress 2.9. The update fixes the problem for some blogs who were receiving a json_decode error after the comment was submitted.

Do you have a blog at ComLuv or not yet?! get one now!

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