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Future of Engagement Episode No. 8: Tom Foremski of the Silicon Valley Watcher

Future of Engagement

From the beginnings of popular newspapers and widespread literacy to the modern era, media PR professionals spent much of their time developing media contacts and smoothing relations with existing contacts so that they could push articles into print publications.

The Internet and social media have lowered barriers of entry since communicating with and networking with media outlets is much easier and takes less time. However, each contact is also less valuable since each media outlet has fewer readers than old print outlets. Today’s online media is a lot more diffuse than print media was in the past.

In the 8th episode of Future of Engagement, I interview Tom Foremski. Tom is a career journalist who used to write for the Financial Times and now runs his own outlet, the Silicon Valley Watcher:

  1. How can one build relationships with media outlets?
  2. How valuable are social media to growing readership?
  3. Is paid content ethical?
  4. Is it worth it for publishers to publish paid content?
  5. …and more!


Future of Engagement is a web series shot and produced in San Francisco, California, the heart of the global tech industry. The weekly series gives you the information—and the gossip—you need to know to keep you up-to-date with social engagement.

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