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I Just Hacked My Way Through 5 Years of Online Business

Yes peeps! It has been 5 years since I’ve seriously considered online business to be in my bloody awesome job, and WOW! It has been a fantastic journey by all means. I wasn’t paying attention or counting the days, I just got a notification from my LinkedIn, my fellows were congratulating me, and that was a hella surprise. I’ve been doing the same sh**t for 5 years now, super!

For those who don’t know me, I -my self- didn’t know who am I for a very long time!

I thought I would be an awesome accountant, but life tricked me and I called myself  a graphic designer. latter on, I became a web designer -it actually sounds more elegant- but suddenly I found myself Blogging, and that’s where you should introduce yourself to people as a Blogger… Bloo… what?!.. Excuse me!.. What do you do again? I write posts for the web and publish it on what so called “Blog”… Oh! So you are a writer? No, I am not.

In very rare occasions; you will meet someone who ask you: What do you blog about? Then you are like.. Thank you.. Thank you (it you’ve been a blogger, then you know what I mean haha).

Latter on, I started introduce myself based on appreciation. So I would know what you may appreciate more and be it. If you are a business man, I would introduce myself to you as a web marketing guy (your right hand and best business friend). Or if you are a writer, I would say I am a web publisher. That worked quite well for a while, it was a lovely way to break the ice and made people think they’ve just met with the right guy, and the best part, I wasn’t lying!

Man, I was really confused about what I do for living, maybe because I am all that. Yes, that’s true… I am all men in one lol.

Why it’s so very hard to tell people what I do?! I am a simple guy who is just trying to find his way in life and seeking opportunities to help others with their business. So, I decided to research the definition of my job description and stick to it.

Wait a second…

I am an Entrepreneur… People!

At my favorite place Down Town -Houston, Dandanah Cafe & Grill


Silly me; it took me a whole year to get it. But the fact is I hate this word, seriously! For me, this is the hardest word to pronounce in the whole history of English dictionary, I don’t know why they didn’t pick a cooler word!

Don’t make fun of me, but I can’t pronounce this word correctly till today!

So, yes… I am an entrepreneur, I do business by starting new projects and run them some how, growing them to the max I can, and make good living from that. I’ve been doing this since 2010, I’ve created a few successful online businesses in the past 5 years of entrepreneurship journey.

The Famous Blog

I have to mention that FamousBloggers.net is one of my most valued web assets, it’s my window on the internet. Without the Famous Blog, I wouldn’t make it to where I am today.

When this blog was first launched near the end of 2009, it wasn’t famous at all, Obviously. But the idea of working together on one blog was really cool because all my blogging mates at that time who contributed to the blog -including myself- were just starting their blogging journey. Working together made a big push for all of us, hence we all did well.

We actually opened for everyone in the community else to contribute to the blog, so it helped many bloggers to kick start.

The Famous Blog Team

I must thank the Team for their great effort 

In July 2012, FamousBloggers.net got stolen from my GoDaddy’s account, it was a shocking news for everyone in the blogging community. However, we got the domain name back and the site was up in about 3 days. I must say never under-estimate this truly powerful community.

I must thank everyone who shared the news on their blogs and social media, especially Anita Campbell the founder of SmallBizTrends.com for her quick respond when she posted about the domain name theft and spread the word through their press release, which reached BusinessInsider.com at that time. Also, big thanks to Mari Smith for sharing the news among her Facebook network.

I’ve learned a big lesson at that time, I knew that online business is like any other business, it has its own levels of risk too, it could break you apart if you aren’t aware enough. Since all my income comes from my online business, and I was only having two main projects (This blog and ThesisAwesome.com, both of them were stolen) I started to think differently.

The future of Famous

Where we are going? It’s totally up to you, and depends on you!

You see, this website is built on the contribution of the blogosphere’s authors.

So, we are still open for guest posting... And, we are glad to have you on board.

And, thanks again for your great support everyone.

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