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40 Famous Guest Bloggers you Should Follow On Twitter #2


Last week, I have published a post recommending the 40 Famous Guest Bloggers you should Follow On Twitter part #1, I didn’t complete the 40 bloggers links last week because I had a little headache while collecting their links and twitter accounts from their blogs, I think I am getting old, and I can not deal with 20 bloggers in this age 😉 Anyways, here is the rest of our famous guest bloggers, a few are from our blog team, I recommend you visit their blogs and follow them on twitter, Friday’s are great days for communicating with other bloggers.

Why they are Famous?

Some of our friends bloggers asked me to explain why I consider those bloggers famous, and to answer this question I must go to the definition of the term Famous, we will find out that there are famous actors and celebrated musicians, and to go more specific we have to think about who are “famous online“, this because almost all bloggers are not famous offline and probably people will pay too much attention if they meet a famous blogger in the street, simply they don’t care because bloggers mostly famous on the internet, so no one will ask for a signature 🙂

And, to go more and more specific, I have to point to our domain name, FamousBloggers.net, so those are Famous Guest Bloggers on FamousBloggers.net, so consider this an official and personal declaration that those bloggers are famous on our blog community and that means they are famous 🙂

How to find Famous Guest Bloggers in 8 Easy Steps?

It’s pretty easy, and I am going to show you how to do it, it’s a very simple technique to find famous guest bloggers on the internet, just follow these 8 easy steps of my guide to find Famous Bloggers online:

Cool! …… eah?!

Our Famous Guest Bloggers

Great, we have reached the end of the part 2 of the list, and by the way they are 41 famous bloggers, and if I forgot someone plz tell me or remind me. Don’t forget to follow this list on twitter, and follow us @FamousBloggers before you follow them 🙂 try to connect with them through twitter and/or their blogs, contact them, ask them to guest post on your blog, show them why they should guest post on your blog, and probably you will be lucky and get their attention, I am sure that you will get a respond, they are active bloggers, they are good on blogging, they want to do something good, they work so hard.

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