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$2550 in Cash Prizes for Bloggers and Internet Marketers

For Bloggers and Internet Marketers

Hi everyone, things are getting more exciting, and more sponsors are getting in touch with us everyday! So, I thought to give you some updates about our Best Selling Affiliate Products blogging contest. We’ve reached $2550 cash prizes for the contest paid by our sponsors.

This contest is organized by FamousBloggers.net and BloggersNetwork.net and MyBlogGuest.com

$2550 Cash prizes for you

Check out our sponsors:

Main sponsors $500

→ Brick Marketing: Full Service SEO Solutions Company

→ Best Life Insurance

→ Web Hosting Deals

Ideal Sponsor $300

Promote → daily deals on your website with the Deal Zippy API

Basic Sponsors $150

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*Sponsorship will be closed at 15th of October 2011.

If you would like to sponsor the contest, make sure you contact us before we close sponsorship.

How many winners we will have?!

Many contest organizers have 1 – 3 winners, but we love to give big cash prizes, and at the same time have more winners, this is our way to make more people happy! So, probably we will have from 5 to 10 winners 🙂

But we don’t know yet! It all depends on how much cash we can get from our sponsors!

We will update you about this as soon as we close the sponsorship.

For bloggers and internet marketers

This is the best time to start submitting your entries!

The idea is pretty simple, you write a review about the best product you have got lucky with as an affiliate, then we will publish it here on FamousBloggers.net, you get as many people as you can to comment and share your post, for each comment, reply, tweet, Facebook like and Google+vote, you will get points, also you will get more points by publishing a review about any of our contest sponsors.

You will have 15 days of promotion, then your score will be locked, and we will then pick the winners based on their score.

Everyone can track the progress on our blogging contest page, we are able this time to show live progress, it’s going to be so exciting!

Read more details about the contest here → Contest page!

The contest will end at the end of October 2011, so hurry up and give this a shoot!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding the contest

Good luck!

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