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21 Tips To Explode Your Twitter Following

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Who wouldn’t like more twitter followers? We all would like more special if doesn’t cost anything to have followers, and this is going to be a great way to drive more traffic to your blog by tweeting your posts to a wider range of people as they might like what you are tweeting about. So I’ve listed 21 tips here that you can use to explode the number of twitterers that follow you.. So lets get down to the 21 tips, and after we do that let us hear what works for your more and what other tips you think is good to add to the list.

1.Add Yourself To The Top 19 Twitter directories

Here is a list of 19 twitter directories you can add yourself to to gain an extra few followers.

  1. http://wefollow.com/
  2. http://www.twellow.com/
  3. http://justtweetit.com/directory/
  4. http://tweetfind.com/
  5. http://geofollow.com/
  6. http://twitr.org/
  7. http://twitdir.com/
  8. http://twibs.com/
  9. http://tweetworks.com/
  10. http://loadedweb.com/
  11. http://twitterpassion.com/
  12. http://localtweeps.com/
  13. http://twitprofiles.com/
  14. http://twiplist.com/
  15. http://mrtweet.com/
  16. http://tweeplepages.com/
  17. http://mytwitterdirectory.com/
  18. http://tweetni.com/
  19. http://moris.us/

Here is the link to the original list of twitter directories.

2.Use Buzzom.com To Follow Twitterers

Buzzom is an awesome site where you can grow and reciprocate with your twitter following. Buzzom has an awesome tool that finds 50 twitterers at a time that are similar to you and that are good targeted people you could follow. Using this tool is an easy way to add lots of people fast that have the same interests as you.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Cross Follow tool which allows you to follow another twitterers follower list.

3.Add Yourself To Twitter Visitor Widgets

There are a number of sites and blogs out there that have a twitter remote widget where you can add yourself and get followed. You can do this as often as you want to stay on top of the list. Have a look to our side bar and follow some people, they all are interested in the same topic, and this is why they are here.

4.Regularly Tweet and Retweet Others

An awesome way to get more followers is to retweet people’s tweets who aren’t following you. They will thank you for retweeting them and more often than not follow you. Tweeting regularly is also so vital. The more tweeting you do, the more visible you are and the more people will retweet you. All of this visibility will gain you more followers and build the relationships with your followers.

5.Build Relationships With New Followers Before Friday

Why before Friday do you say? Well most people know about FollowFriday. So what you have to do is talk to your new followers and build the relationship before Friday so that they remember you and put you in their FollowFriday tweet. You’ll be surprised how many of the people you talk to will do this.

6.Put Your Profile Link Wherever You Can

You should put your twitter profile link in your email signature, forum signature (if you’re a member of any forums), on your social profiles, on your blog, in your blog posts, on your business cards and wherever you can to get people to your twitter page.


BoostTwitterFollowers is an interesting new service that helps you gain more twitter followers. You just login and follow others twitterers who in return will follow you. There is a VIP option so that you can just get people to follow you but it’s not needed especially at $50 a week.

8.Be Worth Following

Be worth following. Interact with other twitterers, help them. Tweet interesting information, posts, videos you find or anything else you think your followers would like to see. Have a nice profile background, be a bit different. Write a real Bio and put up a real picture of yourself and make sure to put up your actual name.

9.Hold A Follow Me Twitter Contest Or Incentive To Anyone Who Follows You

This is a great idea to hold a contest to build up your twitter following. Just make sure to make one of the rules is to follow you. Another similar way to gain new followers is to reward them for following you. Sitepoint did this where they rewarded you with a free ebook when you followed them and they also put a time limit on this which was a great way for people to act fast.

10.Talk To People

Talk and interact with people. This gets them tweeting to you and then you show up in their tweets and their followers see them and may follow you then. Again, more visibility for you and building of relationships. Tweet as much to people as you can, it’s one of the most important long terms factors of successful tweeting.

11.Do A Follow Tweet Exchange

This is where you and another twitterer agree to promote each other to increase each other’s twitter following. The idea here is to help increase each others following from the other persons existing following. It can be done over and over again with new twitterers.

12.Follow Twitterers Who Are Similar To You

A sure way to get more followers is to follow twitterers yourself and wait for them to follow you back. Always go for quality so follow people you do actually want to follow and have something in common with you or something ye both could connect with. The more targeted and similar the twitterer is, the better chance you have of that person following you back and having a worthwhile relationship with on twitter.

13.Get Your Friends To Grow Your Following

Friends will do a lot for you if you just ask. Get your friends to help you any way they can. Do they have a twitter profile, email, a blog, a forum account. Get some of your friends to just add your twitter link where ever they can. If they don’t want to have a permanent link just say put it up for a week or two. Utilize your network of friends and contacts to build you twitter profile.

14.Tweet With Value and Caring

One of the most important, if not the most important factor in gaining and keeping followers is to interact will value and caring. No worthwhile follower wants to be sold to all the time, they want value being shared so be one of the few who do and you’ll be talked about and remembered.

15.Tweet Early, Tweet Often

Tweeting early and tweeting often is a great way to get more followers. It will retain your existing followers, give them more chances to retweet you and your tweets will be seen more by others who might want to follow you. Tweet often, be the authority, be the person everyone talks to and goes to for advice. More and more people will follow these type of twitterers so be one of them.

16.Use Your Twitter URL When You Comment On Blogs

When you’re about to comment on a blog post, you can replace your website link with your twitter profile link so that when people click your name on your comment, they will be directed to your twitter profile page. Also if you’re commenting on dofollow blogs and linking to your profile, it may increase the popularity and PR of your profile and your profile and tweets will show up more in Google and Bing searches.

17.Use #Hash Tags In Your Tweets

Using Hash tags can be an awesome way for people to find your tweets and follow you. People search for and use software to notify them when special hashtags and keywords are in tweets so just be mindful of this when you’re tweeting.

You can also use hashtags.org to find the most recent and hot hash tags.

18.Set Follower Targets and Get Your Friends Help You Reach Them

Set targets for how many followers you want and in what time frame. This will set your mind into action to reach that target and find even more ways to get the target you’re aiming for. Then tell your friends what targets you have and what your planning and get your friends involved. Maybe ye can help each other to gain more followers so it will benefit everyone.

19.Submit Your Custom Background To Twitter Background Galleries

If you have a custom or unique twitter background you should add it to twitter background galleries. This will get you and your profile some exposure and traffic and also what we all want…… New followers.

20.Follower Retention

Every follower saved and kept is a follower earned. So do all you can to keep your existing followers and not lose them. Don’t keep tweeting negative tweets. Be nice, be helpful and tweet value. If you want to know who unfollows you and maybe you even want to ask why. Use useqwitter.com to get emailed every time a twitterer unfollows you.

21. The Key

Here is the key to getting more followers. Get more visibility, be worth following and you’ll get more followers. Anything to get you and your tweets out there will increase the amount of followers you have but remember quality, not quantity is most important. Good luck guys!!!

P.S. Don’t forget to add me at @blaineblogger

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