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CMS Expo When We will Meet in Chicago


Who don’t know about the CMS Expo? I remember it was a dream for me to travel to the States just to attend this conference when I was in Egypt, and of course it was not easy for me to travel, and I decided I will attend so many congruences when I move to the States, and here I am, but still can not find my way, I think I am not completely ready to do this short trip this year, and I am keeping telling myself “maybe next year… maybe next year!”.

I really would love to attend this amazing conference, just thinking of people that I will be able to meet there, and the huge amount of CMS informations they will fill my brain with, all that makes me feel kind of down, because I am missing it! So, I am writing this post to remind everybody because it’s the time to register to the Expo, and also because I want to thank the organizers for such great work they are doing to serve the CMSes communities and a special thank for their advertising team for picking our blog for their campaign.

What is CMS Expo?

If you don’t know, then here is a hint, CMS Expo is a 3-day learning conference for web-savvy business professionals and users. CMS Expo is the only conference you’ll find to compare top open source CMSes, then take it a step farther and learn how to use the CMS and many of its apps and add-ons. Whether for business, education, non-profit or a fast-growing enterprise, CMS Expo is the best place to get the most timely, relevant information to help you start business.

What that means?

It means, Chicago -where the conference will be hosted- is going to be the most interesting place on earth for CMS lovers, I am talking here about Drupal, Joomla and of course our first love as bloggers “WordPress”. A guy like me would love to be there!

I love Drupal, and I dreamed to be a Drupal guy, and I would love to learn how to create powerful sites using such a mazing platform. Joomla is my first easy choice, I have created a few successful sites using Joomla CMS, and I remember when I first recommended this awesome CMS to an online media company I used to work for in the past, they started to use it immediately, and they have made thousands of Dollars selling their development and design services to several big clients. Of course I don’t have to talk about WordPress, my first love, I have been using it for the last 6 years now, and I remembers a very nice site for bus rentals services was based on WordPress when no one was using it to create real business sites completely depending on an open source platform at that time yet in the whole country I was living in!

All this makes me behind CMSs, I love to know what’s new, I want to hear updates, tips and techniques, yes I am a CMS user! but you can say I am in a high level of using CMSes because I don’t check them out, I dig inside each CMS I face and I use them to create sites specially in the niche of creating online communities and portals!

Why Should I attend the CMS Expo?

First of all, the CMS Expo for CMSs users just like me, it’s for at all experience levels, no mater what CMS you are using, Whether you’re starting a new business, launching a fundraising campaign, creating a community or online storefront, I am sure you will find tons of interesting learnings. CMS Expo is recommended for administrators, businesspeople, content producers and developers who wants to boost their knowledge and experiences with CMSs to help growing their online businesses and access the best information from people who will tell it like it is, you will be amazed of the the Expo speakers HUGE list and the smashing sponsorship they are getting!


CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference will start from May 3rd and will end at the 5th of May 2010.

Learn more about the CMS Expo from it’s official site to get an overview and to check out the Expo schedule and other informations, and… I am planning to go next year, hopeful we can meet!

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