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2009 Open Source CMS Awards: Another Approve that WordPress is the Best CMS Platform Ever Exist!

Today, I got the news from Jaypee Habaradas about Worpress award in my email as I am subscribed to his blog RSS feed; this makes me feel great and more confident because I am using the Best CMS platform for blogging ever exist. WordPress has been a warder on 2009 Open Source CMS Awards.

I have started using WordPress.com more than 6 years ago, and moved to my own hosted blog as soon as I realize it’s the best choice for me because it’s flexibility and easy theming, and their great support community.

I remember at the early times so many people was asking if they can make websites using WordPress CMS, like company websites for example, and on that time I was having the same question in my mind. I was using Joomla to do this kind of work, but Actually WordPress was much easier, especially if your client requirements are simple.

Create a website from WordPress?!

This could be a chance to tell you about it here and give you some tips. Actually the answer was inside WordPress control panel, WordPress has this option to show specific page on the main page of the blog, which means you write what you want on a page, call it home page, and then choose it to be your front page from Settings>Reading> rather than showing your latest posts. Another thing was in my imagination was the News section of the website, it simply could be a category called news and you post all your news to it and show it somehow on your main menu as news! That’s it!

Very simple and easy and in no time you can create a website using WordPress CMS, hundreds of people was posting about it latter teaching other how to do it. I personally created more than 2 websites for my clients using WordPress and the best thing was giving them the ability to edit and add news by themselves to their own website in an easy way, without having to call me each time they want to update their website and pay me more money!

Congratulations to WordPress!

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