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Join the 12 Days of Christmas Online Giveaway

Online Giveaway

You have no idea how much I like online contests and giveaways, it’s really exciting event going at DesignJuices blog, I thought to share it with you all as FamousBloggers support this amazing event. So if you would like to jump in immediately and check it out, then click on this link: 12 Days of Christmas online giveaway over at DesignJuces.

12 Unique Prizes…. 12 Winners!!

12 Winners will be randomly chosen and paired up with participating designers. Winners will each receive:

  1. T-shirt from one of the participating tee designers; and
  2. Some mystery stocking fillers from one of the participating “stocking filler” designers!

T-Shirt Prizes Donated by:

  1. Angry Spade – @angryspade
  2. Be A Girl Today – @BeAGirl_Today
  3. Crock Tees – @crocktees
  4. Detour Designables – @detourshirts
  5. GritFX T-Shirts – @gritfx
  6. LadyUmbrella – @ladyumbrellaltd
  7. Mongowear – @AngryMongo
  8. Othello Industries – @othelloind
  9. Rizzotees – @RizzoTees
  10. Saucewear – @saucewear
  11. Sogeshirts – @sogeshirts
  12. Thriving Ink – @thrivingink

Stocking Fillers Donated by:

  1. Angry Spade
  2. Be A Girl Today
  3. Creature Creations – @naturecreations
  4. GritFX T-Shirts
  5. Helena Pion Photography & Design – @HelenaPion
  6. LadyUmbrellaltd
  7. Matt Dunn – @matthewdunnart
  8. Mongowear
  9. Othello Industries
  10. Saucewear
  11. Scott Hovind – @scotthovind
  12. WEBGRRL (Firdaus Emir) – @webgrrlbiz

Event Supporters

How to Win?

This event runs for 15 days, and there is 3 ways to enter!

Head over the 12 Days of Christmas online giveaway post for information.

Good luck!

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