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10 Best Web Design Articles at MMO Social Network

Today we are going to do our weekly MMO round up.

This round up is all about web design articles that were submitted to MMO at one point.

If you sign up for MMO Social Network and bookmark site,  start submitting articles to it, and you will have a change of being featured in one of our round ups.

Here we go!

Here is What I Have Found For You Today on MMO Social Network

Web Design Articles

Discussion: What Makes Up a Good Website Template?

I have been using lots and lots of templates (or themes) during my two years of blogging. There are so many good templates out there but there are few that I really want to use on my website. That’s because for me a good theme needs the following: good layout, good typography, highly visible navigation and most of all enough white space. I also think that many web designers do a nice job when designing a theme but they do a poor job when optimizing it for speed for example.

What do you think? What is important to you?

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