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10 Killer and Effective Twitter Tips for Bloggers

Twitter Tips

Twitter is the mostly used social networking site by bloggers. It is not easy to get traffic from twitter as you get from other social sites because there are some tips to be followed to get most out from twitter.

Here is a check list that every blogger’s should check out for effective marketing by using twitter for their business or blogs.

Let’s proceed!

Twitter Tips for Bloggers:

1- Introduce Yourself

You can add some intro about you and your career in your profile page, so it is very easy for your followers to know about you and your works.

2- Customize Background Design

Branding is very important for a blogger, so you can start it with your twitter Profile page. You can add your own blog themes to twitter for branding your blog in twitter or else you can use any online services to customize your twitter background design as you like.

3- Change Logo

If one of your follower has 2-3k followers, he will surely get 40-50 tweets per minutes. Its impossible for him to see all the tweets that he is getting and response to it. He will RT or click the tweets of some famous blogger he know and ignore your tweets. This is how twitter is getting tougher that before.

If your tweets want to get quick attraction among all other tweets you must have a good logo design, which can attract at first impression. So change your logo wisely which can attract or stand out of all.

Tips – Try some Animated logo for your profile 😛

4- Active Participation

How much you are active in twitter that much you can earn benefits  from it. Active means not only include tweeting good post, you must engage with your followers. This is the best way to market your blog in twitter.

— RT their post if you find it usefull.

— Reply to their tweets and DM.

— Suggest some good twitter people to follow via #followfriday.

5- Quality followers

If you want to get most out from twitter you must have a good amount of quality followers in your account. If you are not able to draw quality followers make as much as followers you can.

100 Quality followers = 500 followers

But you have to work hard to get more amount of followers to your account.Use #followfriday effectively to get good amounts of followers.

You can also read How to get Twitter followers fast, or How to get more followers in twitter

6- Quality Tweets

Deliver quality tweets for your followers daily. At least tweet 20-50 tweets per day to stay active in twitter. If you cant tweets atleast RT some of the best articles of your followers to stay live in twitter.

Tips – Integrate Tweet old post and Related tweets Plugin to your WP blog for automatic updates 😛

7- Importance of #Hashtags

Using hashtag(#) is very essential factor of a quality tweets because it is very helpful for other to find out your tweets in twitter.

Use hashtag for some keywords in your tweets while tweeting.  If your tweets is about blogging you can add hashtags like #blogging or #bloggingtips. It is easy for other to find out your content through twitter search using that hashtags. It can create a huge exposure to your content.

8- Easy sharing

Make easy to share your content in twitter by adding TweetMeme share buttons in your blog. After installation go to setting page of tweetmeme plugin, enable Hashtag and su.pr link shortner for your tweets to gain its full advantage.

9- Join any RT Club

RT club means Re-tweeting club which is a best place to engage with fellow blogger to gain more RT for your Articles. More tweets means you can able to get much exposure to your blog articles as a result you can increase your pageviews and traffic.

Join – RT club of  ShoutMeLoud

Join – Rt club of  DailyBlogTips

What’s the Tip #10? Share your ideas with us friends ?

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