GuestCrew Review: A Platform and Community for Blog Owners and Guest Bloggers

I’ve been managing guest posts here at FamousBloggers since it was launched a few years ago, I’ve been though many things, and dealt with a lost almost every situation you can imagine, good and bad, you name it.

But, I must admit it, it has been a fantastic journey so far, I made many friends and followers, it’s totally worth it.

Today, I am reviewing the guest crew website, which provide a platform and community for blog owners and guest bloggers to connect and meet together.

GuestCrew.com has a lovely system with many features, let’s go though the site, and see how it can help us.

(Please take a look to the GuestCrew’s FAQ page, it has some important details and information that you may want to know).

GuestCrew’s features

There are a few features and sections that I would like to share with you, mostly these presents the core of the service:

  • My sites
  • Articles gallery
  • Discussion forum
  • Coins system

Now, let’s talk a little about each feature.

My Sites

I’ve started by signup for a new account, it’s free and you can register using a quick form on the home page of the site. The second step was to actually list my blog (here I am playing the blog owner rule). Practically, I listed FamousBloggers under Business/Edu category, it’s the best fit I can see. However, there are many other categories for almost every possible niche.

After I submitted the blog, the site asked me to verify ownership of the site for security purposes, it’s done by a simple meta tag:

GuestCrew site verification

So, I went a head and added the mat tag to the head section of the blog, and I clicked on the “Verify Now” button to verify the site.

Tip if you are using any plugin to cache your WordPress site, then don’t forget to clear the cache before hitting the Verify Now button.

Now that you’ve got your site verified, you should be able to start accepting guest posts from GuestCrew’ members. Practically, there is a special section to do the communications and get content, it’s called the Articles Gallery.

Articles Gallery

This is probably the most important section of GuestCrew, it’s where blog owners can get content from guest posters.

When you head to the Articles Gallery, you will find a list of all the available content that has been offered by guest bloggers on the site, also on the left hand there is a list of all categories to help you navigate easily to your preferred content category.

The good thing here is you can preview content, and also author Bio details, so that you know how things will look like. But -in my case- I require authors/guest bloggers to signup a new account to the blog, I don’t publish author Bios in the content, but I use an author box for that. So, if you are following the same way, probably you will need to get in touch with authors, here comes the discussion forum rule.

Discussion Forum

This is where you can get in touch with other members of this guest blogging community, get to know each other and start working together.

The discussion is mainly about blogging, and more specifically about guest blogging.

The founder of the site is doing great effort to make things happen, it’s cool to find such growing community. However, the forum is so new, but it’s promising, I believe this site will provide good service and will kick off in no time, so it’s a good idea to be part of its community early as possible, it’s better now than latter.

The Coin System

GuestCrew has a credit system, basically it has its own virtual coin. It’s valued as the following:

  • 10 coins = $10
  • 20 coins = $20
  • 50 coins = $50
  • 100 coins = $90

As stated on the FAQ page; members can buy credits, or visit the forums for available free credit donations.

What can you do with credits?

At this moment, it requires 1 credit to upload an article on the gallery. Also, you need to have 10+ credits to be a premium member and access the premium only forums.

Are you into Guest Blogging Contests

Something that I would like to mention about GuestCrew, they do blogging contests and provide great cash prizes, it’s really cool, and I think you should check it out, they actually are running the very first Contest of Guest Crew this month, you can participate in that one now and -if you are lucky- you could win one of the cool cash prizes.

Join the very first Contest of Guest Crew.

GuestCrew Community

I create websites with WordPress, and I develop Thesis Skins. I am a social network lover. I am also the night creature who works hard to keep this project up. Owner and founder of the Famous Blog.


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