Rob Toledo resides in the great Pacific Northwest -- A lover of all things dog, sarcasm and the great outdoors, he shops almost exclusively at Thrift Stores. He currently runs Chess Club as well as and

Blogging Platforms

Blogging is a great way to connect with others around the world; and with all the different options in blogging platforms, you can choose one that best suits your needs and goals for your blog. Here is a breakdown of the best blogging selections to help you decide how to get your voice heard.   [...]

Blog Readers

The amount of data that is possible to glean from your blog readers (from analytics, social media and A/B testing) is pretty substantial; in fact, those in the know are calling it "Big Data." A pretty underwhelming word, considering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data were created every day in 2012, with an astonishing 90% of [...]

Contest on Your Blog

Holding a contest on your blog is a fantastic way to increase traffic, get new readers hooked, and improve the engagement of those regularly perusing your witty musings. Relevant to you and your audience, contests are easy to run, and bring an element of excitement to your blog that's hard to beat. There are a [...]

Blog Promotion

Marketing any new blog is always a chicken or egg kind of problem. Your blog won’t take off unless readers are aware of what you do and why it’s so much better than anything else out there, and yet the revenue stream from which you might pull the funds for a full out marketing campaign [...]

Blog Technical Details

Site speed is important. It's one of the first things visitors will notice when they arrive at your blog, so to make a good first impression your content should load quickly. Research shows that site speed contributes to bounce rates, conversions, search rankings and site trust, all which have a considerable impact on the success [...]

Blogging in the Cloud

Cloud Blogging

Bloggers make their living over the internet. And yet, when it comes to working in the cloud, many bloggers are just as confused and hesitant as those in more traditional business settings. That’s got to change, as the cloud is really the wave of the future -- and it can do a whole lot to [...]

Online Store

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, knowledge and experiences for the world to see. It's a fantastic way to build a personality around a brand or product as well. But part of creating a brand is having a marketable product. Whether that product is something you have created yourself or something you [...]

Blogging Business

There are obvious differences between blogging for personal pleasure and blogging for a business. Sometimes staying on message as a business is important, or making sure your posting is relevant for your customers and clients, prospective and otherwise. This guide below is a great overview of all the steps necessary in getting your blog up [...]

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