Pratik Dholakiya is the Co-Founder and VP of Marketing of E2M, OnlyDesign, and Moveo. Pratik has been featured on sites like Forbes, Moz, SEW, SEJ, KISSmetrics, Entrepreneur, ContentMarketingInstitute and FastCompany to name a few. He's passionate about fitness, entrepreneurship, start-ups, and all things digital marketing. Hit him up on Twitter @DholakiyaPratik or on to chat on any of these topics.

Cloud Accounting Solutions

Cloud accounting is here to stay. It gives you remote accessibility, mobility and control at all times. It makes your business accounting quick, smart and fast, and rids you of boredom and tedium so commonly associated with accounting and book keeping. Timely invoices and payments ensure the profitability and viability of your business. Cloud is [...]

E-Commerce Free Time

Too busy to exercise? Too caught up to take a lunch break? Too rushed to bother with a morning coffee? These and more such scenarios are staples in the lives and times of e-commerce business owners. Running an e-commerce business was meant to be easier than running a brick and mortar store, right? Why then [...]

Small Business Worries

Running a small business can be a testing time for new entrepreneurs. There’s just so much to learn about so many different things that many business owners get overwhelmed under the effort. Many get caught up in the nitty-gritties of keeping the business going that they have little or no time to work on innovating [...]

Shopify SEO

Google is intent on making a few, but sure changes: the behemoth search company wants to make the web a cleaner place. It wants to make money, and it wants to extend search to mobile. As it goes about changing its mysterious algorithms as relentlessly as ever, small businesses and marketers are scrambling to redefine [...]

Link Building Strategies

SEO/SEM professionals scram for the next best way to build links – the better the inbound link is, the more value it has for Google to attribute importance and authority. We do know a few best ways to approach Link building – attracting natural citations to our content, guest blogging, releasing apps and widgets, launching [...]

Blog Monetization

We got your attention, didn’t we? The good news is that these secrets are open and public, yet very few bloggers use them. The bad news is that it could demand more than just your blood, sweat, money, and life to make sure that you get the best out of your blog monetization. As for [...]

How To Blog

You don’t have to be an amazing writer to be a successful blogger. You just need to learn some simple tricks and dedicate yourself to the process. The difference between every great writer and the mediocre one isn’t grammar or innate talent; it’s hard work. Here are 5 steps to succeed at blogging, even if [...]

HootSuite Discount

Today, we are excited to spread the word about this awesome HootSuite discount. Yes, HootSuite is offering a huge discount off the Pro membership, this is a BIG 50% Off HootSuite Pro and HootSuite University for 60 Days, here is why you should take advantage of this offer. Twitter has announced it will shut down the TweetDeck Facebook integration by May [...]

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